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MYS Culinary Academy

MYS Kid's Culinary Academy

MYS Kids Culinary Academy


The culinary program is a unique opportunity for children and teens interested in cooking to learn the basic skills and techniques needed to embark on a lifetime of cooking.  Students participate in classes throughout the year, completing monthly tasks and earning towards their main goal of achieving a certificate. 


Participants learn the basics of kitchen safety, proper food handling, food preparation, cooking, and baking techniques, and food presentation.    


The course of study will include:

Sanitation and Safety

Cooking Methods

Napkin Folding

Science & Math

Food Preparation



Customer Service

Chef Hat

Program fee:  $90 per student

​Chef’s Uniform: $15.00 additional

                                                              (Check back for class and updates)

Kids Can Cook Class
Kids Can Cook Class
Kids Can Cook Class

Our junior chefs, ranging in ages 6 - 16, are having a fantastic time learning about different dishes, developing techniques, and honing their skills.  During our past sessions, the young chefs learned how to make shrimp & grits, saute spinach, and chicken, and make pasta from scratch.  

Register for the next 6-week class which begins on January 24th at 3:30 pm. Click here! 

MYS Kids Culinary  Academy

with Master Chef Bernard Talley

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