Homeschooling Support with

MYS Academy

Supporting our Homeschool Families

Motivated Young Scholars is a non-profit organization based out of Philadelphia. Our Success Guides are trained to provide each learner with quality one on one and small group support with assistance to navigate their learning management platform and complete their virtual lessons.  With MYS Success Guides, parents are able to work from their home office, run errands, take care of household needs, and are able to breathe knowing that their learner is receiving the very best academic support and guidance.  Our Success Guides are here to help you.  


Active parent participation in the education process is an essential part of the learner's success. Motivated Young Scholars (Academy) has several options to assist parents with providing curriculum support, tutoring, and help for parents with administrative homeschool duties. We also have a dynamic afterschool program for homeschool learners from 3 - 6 pm.    

If you are homeschooling and looking for assistance with your learner's coursework, contact us at 267-223-9872 or complete the online interest form and a representative will contact you with 24 hours.   


Parents, if you just need assistance with homeschool organization, record keeping, attendance tracking, transcripts, and evaluation, contact us at 267-223-9872.  We offer a great team of educators committed to supporting your child. The benefits include:

*Provide Traditional Homeschooling Support 

*Help with Learner's Daily Structure and Schedule

*Supervision and Guidance with Cyber Asynchronous Coursework

*Help learners log into their Cyber Synchronous Classes

*Extra-Curricular Activities

* Adhere to CDC guidelines for social distancing and safety while onsite at an MYS facility.

*Serving learners virtually across the U.S.