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Welcome to MYS Academy

Motivated Young Scholars is a homeschool learning center serving traditional and cyber charter school students enrolled in Commonwealth Charter Academy.


Although learners can complete their work online or at home, sometimes learners need guidance and academic support from a learning center, such as the Motivated Young Scholars Academy.  Our learning spaces are located within the Motivated Community Resource Center and the social hall of Allen AME Church at 5901 Larchwood Avenue, Phila., PA 19143.

Motivated supports parents as they educate their learners. How do we do it?  We give parents the peace of mind knowing that their learner is receiving the absolute best care and instructional support while they are at work or taking care of household needs.    We provide a flexible work environment, guidance and supervision with Math, Science, Social Studies, and English, tutoring, and feedback on learner progress.  Our program supports regular and special education students.   


We believe in the overall academic success of each child.  We help equip all students with the necessary skills and application to be intrinsically inspired and long-term successful learners. The program works to provide learners with a flexible small groups and one-on-one support.  Our Success Guides are a lot like your personal trainers. They come alongside you to help you maximize the learning potential of your kids.


Every family is welcome to enroll their learner in the homeschool learning center.  With Covid-19 and the awesome responsibility families now having to homeschool, MYS has made it convenient to work with families who are not able to attend our center for onsite instruction can now attend through Zoom.   Learners can still receive day-to-day instructional support from the comforts of their own home no matter where they are.  


​We look forward to working with you and supporting your student as they continue to grow into strong and successful young men and women and emerge as leaders in their community. 

​Veronica Manley,

Director of Student and Family Services

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CCA Partnership

Commonwealth Charter Academy is a tuition-free public cyber charter school serving grades K - 12.  

How does MYS work?

MYS provides instructional support, supervision, and guidance with the four core subjects: Math, English Social Studies, and Science.    Your school or district may have created a personalized education plan  or tutoring plan in a targeted area for your learners that MYS Success Guides will support.  Homework help is available daily and students will be able to receive support no matter the subject. 

How will your Guides work with child?

MYS supports learners 1-1 through our Zoom room. Learners will receive a Zoom link with their scheduled time. Success Guides and learners will be able to share their screens allowing both parties to engage and interact.   

Traditional Homeschooling

Motivated Young Scholars provides to families who would like to homeschool traditionally.  We meet with learners daily through our Google Classroom.  Choose a support plan that fits your family's needs.

How do I get support from a Success Guide?

Once enrollment has been received, you will be assigned a Success Guide.  Your Success Guide will work with you to create a flexible plan that works for you and your learner.  If you are apart of a cyber charter school, your Success Guide will reach out to your online teachers to adopt a plan that is align to school / district standards in creating a classroom extension.    Our Success Guides work just like your teachers in supporting learning concepts.  We support each learner through step by step problem solving to ensure that the learner is mastering concepts and developing skills to have the confidence and tools needed to reach academic gains in school and beyond.

What Population of Learners Do you Serve?

MYS serves learners in grades K - 7 in the four core subjects: Math, English, Science & Social Studies.  We serve learners 1-1 and in small groups with personalized instruction to help support low-performing learners. 

What Our Clients Say

The Clark Family

We received our daughter's diploma in the mail and it is beautiful!  Thank you so much. You took a very overwhelming process off of our hands and made our daughter’s dream happen. She is really flourishing at Franciscan University thanks to you and Ms. Davis and Motivated Young Scholars.
        God Bless,
  The Clark Family