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Motivated to Be Healthy

with Chef Bernard

Chef Bernard Talley is a renowned chef in Philadelphia and owner/president of the National Black Chef

s Association, mission to to provide information and resources that promote healthy eating.   Each month, we will feature a dish or resource that you can try at home.  He will also host cooking demonstrations and classes for adults.   If you are in need a caterer, be sure to call Chef Bernard.

Join Chef Bernard as he molds the minds of these young chefs and teaches them the fundamentals of baking.  During the program, young chefs are exposed to hands-on activities, STEM, and marketing.  Have a young chef at home, enroll them in the next Kids Can Cook Culinary Program.  Visit the Class tab. 

Motivated to Be Healthy

Sponsor a Senior 

As we age, the importance of staying active and engaging in stimulating activities becomes increasingly clear. Cooking classes designed for seniors offer a blend of education, social interaction, and pleasure, providing various benefits to older individuals.

Seniors often face specific nutritional challenges, such as the need for more calcium or fiber, and these classes can help them learn how to adjust their diets accordingly. Through these sessions, seniors can discover how to prepare meals that may aid in regulating A1C levels and managing high blood pressure.

We are looking for support to sponsor ten seniors for the health-focused cooking classes. Contributing to cover the cost of one senior at $230 (the fee for the 8-week program) would have a considerable impact. The classes are set to begin on March 12, 2024. Your donation today could make a positive difference in a senior's life

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