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Why Homeschool or Cyber School with MYS

​​Our Success Guides are trained to provide each learner with quality one on one support and assistance to navigate their learning management platform and complete their virtual lessons. 

Our trained coaches will focus on the foundations of math and English and will work with the learner to master grade-level curricula.

With MYS Success Guides, parents can go to work, work from their home office, run errands, take care of household needs, and can breathe knowing that their learner is receiving the absolute best academic support and guidance.  Our Success Guides are here to help you and fill the gap.

The Service We Provide Include:

Assistance & oversight with assignments

Designated space for learning

 Home-school Curriculum for traditional homeschooling

Support with online assignments

Tutoring, Mentoring

Weekly classes

Support from a Qualified Success Guide

STEM Program

Weekly Extra-Curricular Onsite Activities

Lesson Planning

Portfolio & Documentation Storage for traditional homeschool

Parenting workshop, classes, & conferences

Field Trips



What Does a MYS Success Guide Do?

The responsibilities of our Success Guides will vary slightly depending on the grade level of the student. 

  • MYS Success Guides will create and manage the learner's routine each day.

  • They assist with academic instruction.

  • They communicate with cyber school teachers and staff.

  • They perform administrative duties.

Our experienced Success Guides have implemented some practical strategies that is key to accomplishing these tasks and doing their job well.

  • Designated quiet spaces for learning (onsite)

  • Minimal Distraction

  • Providing Resources 

  • Utilizing Virtual Aids

  • Providing Structure and Supervision

  • Providing each Learner with a Schedule and Routine

  • Time Management Techniques

  • Applying Hands-on Activities and Involvement

  • Virtual Instructional Support Available

Sample Video Lessons