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Wellness Fair at ATM

Health & Wellness

Promoting Healthy Lives

Promoting Health & Wellness is an essential part of our Community Movement. Motivated seeks to work hard to inform and encourage others to more physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being.   

Motivated CRC was founded in order to provide comprehensive services that support and foster the health of our community. We offer a variety of workshops, classes, community health fairs, services, and resources to improve and help you maintain your optimal health in a healing and friendly environment. 


.By managing our nutrition and fitness, we can achieve good wellness.  Wellness is especially important as we age because regular exercise and proper nutrition can help prevent a variety of ailments including cardiovascular disease, obesity, and fall risk behaviors. (

Motivated hosts yearly health and wellness workshops and an annual Spring Health Fair where vendors from around the city come together to disseminate resources and information to community residents.  Check Upcoming Events for all future Health and Wellness programs. 


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