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Course Description:


The exploratory courses in Culinary Arts are set up as an introduction to the art of cooking. The program is divided into two different 6-week sessions called Cohort I and Cohort II. The first cycle Cohort I includes all basic cooking fundamentals.  The second part, Cohort II consists of more cooking and those students' interest in the culinary arts program. 


The students also receive basic culinary arts theory instruction. The students attend the class for 2 hours each Tuesday from 4 - 6 pm.  The students are also given instruction as needed while on the task in the kitchen area, this provides for a strong correlation between the kitchen and theory lessons to bridge the classes and provide optimum educational experiences for the students. The theory part of the program also introduces sanitation and safety training, knife skills, applied weights and measures, and career exploration.

Course Assessment Plan: The Students are assessed in a variety of ways in the Culinary Arts program. They usually receive a few homework assignments. These assignments are reviewed on the following Tuesday, The Master Chef reviews the assignment for understanding, and credit is granted if completed. All assignments are fun and can be done with a parent. 

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