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ARC Encounter

We had a great time visiting the ARC Encounter and the Creation Museum this week in Kentucky. It was an long 8 hour trip, but worth it. I love to sight see so I didn’t mind. It was truly a wonderful experience. Seeing the ARC that Noah built in person was mind blowing and awesome. you really get a perspective of what it was like during the time of Noah. You also gain an understanding of the book of Genesis. So is you want to know all about creation and what actually happened, then head right over.

Both museums was a true family attraction. Not only was the walk through exhibit wonderful, but they also had a lot of other fun things for families to experience. There were kids play areas, zip lining, virtual reality movie of what it was like on the ARC, and of course plenty of food and souvenirs.

Not only was our walk through history at the two museums fantastic, the state of Kentucky was absolutely beautiful. It was clean and free of trash along the roadways, streets and residential areas. It was great to see people caring about the area and working together to keep it clean.

If you ever get an opportunity, check out the ARC Encounter and the Creation Museum. It is well worth the trip.

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