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West Philadelphia Prayer Walk

Saturday, August 7, 2021, several churches in West Philadelphia came together for a prayer walk. The current violent situation has caused us to lose our unity, faith, and our children. Motivated felt the need to reach out to various churches and local leaders to unify in prayer for our community and to lift this violent spirit. We want our children and our elderly to feel safe to walk around whether day or night without the looming threat that a bullet might just come your way. That is no way to live. The feeling is that it is time to get back to church, seek God's face, and ask for forgiveness so that He can heal our communities.

Among the churches that joined us in the prayer walk were Allen AME Church, Ebenezer Temple Pentecostal Church, and Abiding Truth Ministries. Pastor Juanita Rivers of Ebenezer Temple Pentecostal Church said they will continue the prayer walk for the month of August.

This prayer walk was the first and we will certainly not the last. We hope to see more residents and churches join us at the next prayer walk.

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