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Penn Medicine Host Living Healthy with Diabetes Workshop

Penn Medicine, in collaboration with Motivated CRC, conducted a workshop titled 'Living Healthy with Diabetes' on Tuesday evening. Attendees gained insights into reading nutrition labels, focusing on the percentages of carbohydrates, sodium, and sugar. It was highlighted that women should limit their carbohydrate intake to no more than 35% per meal, while men should keep it under 60%.

The workshop proved to be highly enlightening, motivating everyone to strive for a healthier lifestyle. Following the event, Master Chef Bernard Talley presented a cooking demonstration featuring kale and mushrooms, captivating the audience with his expertise and humor. Attendees had the chance to pose questions and later sampled the delicious dish. To conclude, each participant was gifted a bag of kale to experiment with at home and had the opportunity to select additional food items from the pantry. Penn Medicine doctors were also present to offer guidance on the most beneficial foods. A heartfelt thanks to Penn Medicine and Master Chef Bernard Talley for an informative and enjoyable event.

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