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Motivated Specialty Summer Camp-Register Today

Motivated will be having a 4-week summer camp program beginning July 17 through August 11th. The camp will include various activities such as:

Cake Decorating. Campers will learn how to decorate a cake like a professional using various tools and techniques.


Then we have From This To That. Campers will take old pieces and make them new. Artisans in their trade will show campers how to use carpentry tools to turn an old chair into a bench or an old door into a coffee table. Campers will be able to offer their items up for sale to interested parties.

Our girls club FAM (Fearless and Motivated) has been extended to the summer months. The program teaches self-esteem and confidence. The program offers education and knowledge to help not only themselves, but others as well.

This world is driven by technology. Tech Girlz run by Motivated this summer teaches middle school girls how to utilize technology in their everyday lives and to learn how to utilize it for the future in any career that they choose. Some of the things that they will be learning is: Designing Mobile Apps, Creating a Website using HTML/CSS, and Video Production to name a few. The girls have been having a wonderful time and have learned so much already and have begun to apply this knowledge.

In addition to the wonderful workshops during summer camp, the campers will also engage in hands-on fun activities such as crafting and team building exercises along with academic reinforcement in writing, reading, math and English.

Space is limited. Call -215-921-2552 today to register your camper. The fee is just $340 for the 4-weeks during the summer which is just $85 per week. Register at www,

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