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MYS Kids Culinary Academy Going Strong

Veronica Manley

Mar 7, 2023

Cooking Up a Storm

The young chefs enjoy every minute of the 6 week cooking class. As part of the class, the young chefs were taught how to fold napkins used for fine dining. Each student was given a napkin, guide book, and plenty of instruction and practice by Master Chef Bernard Talley. They were masters in no time. Afterwards, the young chefs made homemade spaghetti. Delicious!

Preparations are underway for the final class in cohort 1 where the students will be rewarded with cerficates of completion and demostrate their knowledge of what they have learned during cohort 1.

Be sure to register for Cohort 2 beginning April 4th. Check out the Class/Workshop tab for information on how to register.

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