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Fearless and Motivated (FAM)

Veronica Manley

Mar 7, 2023

What is F.A.M.?

Fearless AND Motivated (F.A.M) is a club whose name was created by some of the students of the Motivated student Success center. The idea behind name was to create a club where students would be able to participate in positive activities of various topics and themes along with being able to learn how to navigate through friendships, social issues, broaden communication skills and more.

After seeing how much negativity would arise from the poor choices the young ladies in my cohort would experience, it just made sense to form a club where the girls would have an outlet and learn new and positive ways to express themselves. A club that is more than just an afterschool gig but has countless activities/topics and teachable moments that will stick with them throughout their lives. Turning possible negative situations into positive outcomes while giving life lessons along the way.

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