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FAM is Having Fun!

Veronica Manley

Mar 8, 2023

Learning to Step

The FAM girls are learning how to "Step". This week was their first practice. The students were eager to learn to do something they have seen in college competition videos. The goals is to practice and eventually be good enough to demonstrate their skills and complete in local competitions.

What is Stepping?

Stepping is a percussive, highly-energetic art form first developed through the song and dance rituals performed by African-American fraternities and sororities.  In stepping, the body becomes an instrument, using footsteps, claps and spoken word to produce complex poly-rhythms.  Stepping has been described as “one of the most exciting dance forms created in the 21st century.” (What is Stepping? | Step Afrika!)

FAM is all about inspiring young girls to beleive in themselves and reach for the stars.

Visit the Class/Workshop tabl for more information on how to register.

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