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Kids Playing Tug of War



Motivated Kids Camp

We are back with summer camp!  This year's camp is packed with a lot more activities for the campers to enjoy and explore.  From the time the campers enter through the doors, they will be kept busy with hands-on artistic and creative activities.  

Outside of our classrooms, we have plenty of outdoor activities & planned social events.  

Know exactly how your child will spend their day at Motivated Kids Camp.


Daily Schedule:

8:30 am Breakfast

9:00 am - Planned Activity

10:00 am = Planned Activity

11:00 am - Outdoor Fun & Group Challenges

12:00 pm - Lunch

12:30 pm - Outdoor Fun & Group Challenges

1:30 pm dismissal

Summer Camp Theme

Hours:  8:30 am - 1:30 pm

Munchie Monday

Tie-Dye Tuesday

STEM Wednesday

Upcycling Thursday

Field Trip Friday

Munchie Monday

The campers have an opportunity to explore foods from different countries.







Tie Dye Tuesday






***items not included

Artistic Creations Activity

STEM Wednesdays

This is truly a camp for kids who love STEM! We offer world-class instruction & tons of fun

Upcycle Thursday

Campers will engage in our pilot program "Upcycling".  Campers will change old items into something new. 

Field Trip Friday (Subject to change)



*Bartram Gardens

*Water Works


Register today!  The registration fee is just $25 and will be used towards your camp fee. For more information, call 215-921-2552.

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