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Center Extra-Curricular Activities & Programs

Providing Enriching Activities for Our Learners

Afterschool Clubs

Youth in the program have the option of participating in various arts & craft projects, clubs, and games, . 


If you would like for your learner to participate in our online afterschool program, please call us at 215-921-2552, email, or complete the website contact form.

Kids Can Cook Culinary Classes

"Kids Can Cook Culinary Program"

Take a professional chef, add students passionate about cooking, and mix them all together. It sounds like a recipe made in culinary heaven.

The goal of the Nutrition Program at MYS is to help student-athletes learn how to prepare healthy meals that will help them find their power zone. The program is instructed by a renowned local chef, Bernard Talley.  Through the Kids Can Cook Program, students learn that proper nutrition and healthy choices maximize energy and recovery to produce peak performance.  We assume this as part of our educational responsibility to teach our students about the importance of proper nutrition. Monitoring student-athlete's health and well-being are paramount.

Students will be learning how Math, English, and Science relate to cooking. We combined education and health. What a great combination!  Classes are held each Tuesday at 4 pm.  Register for the next class.

Kids Can Cook Class




Students engage in various STEAM-related hands-on activities. All activities are project-based and designed to increase learners' imagination and creativity. Our students come to explore, build, create, and tinker.

Some activities are coding, robotics, and stem challenges.

Our program host an annual entrepreneurial fair during the summer where the children can showcase their creations, ideas, and inventions. 

A Girl Looking at a Physics Model
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