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Some Fun Things for Mom(& Dad) including an Adult-version Advent Calendar + Red Cup STEM Challenge

Here's an article from Holly of Smart Kids Chore System that I thought you might enjoy.

So many cool things today!

Firstly -- Reconnect with Your Family! <--That may seem a little crazy after the last 6 months of being a little CLOSER than expected, but one thing that many families have experienced is that despite being in the same home, you may feel disconnected. My friend April is a Certified Family Health Coach who specializes in tools that foster better relationships.

Her favorite tool is family activities...MINE TOO!

Secondly -- SHOPPORTUNITY Giveaway! Learn what the buzz is all about and enter to win FREE children's books! ​We're sharing what it is like to work with us on our Usborne books and more team. Just for participating, you'll be entered to win $25 in free books PLUS, one of 3 business kits! You'll also have the opportunity to shop with a consultant DISCOUNT!​ If you'd like to participate, simply request to join our Book Nook group on Facebook here.

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